About Network Access Charges

What is a Service Charge?

A service charge is what we charge you per minute during your calls, which on this website varies from 35p to 65p depending upon the chat line you desire. The price for your chosen service will always be displayed on the page underneath the telephone number.

What is a Network Access Charge?

Put simply. The network access charge is how much your phone company will charge you for making a call to one of our services. This is usually charged on a per minute basis.

How Much Will My Call Cost?

This can be worked out by adding together both the service charge and your phone company’s network access charge. For example, if you were to call one of our 35p (per minute) sex lines and your phone company’s access charge was 45p (per minute), the total amount you would be pay per minute would be 80p.

Can I Avoid Paying a Network Access Charge?

Yes. You sure can. You can do this by using our credit or debit card service. All you need to do is select one of our packages and you’ll be given a special number to call once your payment has been processed.

Additional Information

For more information in regards to how much your network will charge. Please note prices are subject to change so get in touch with your provider for the latest information.

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