Are You Bad in Bed?

Are You Bad in Bed?
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Are You Bad in Bed?

Are You Bad in Bed?

Do you sometimes wonder if your sexual performance is up to par? Are you worried that you might actually be a poor lover? People like to think that men have it easy when it comes to sex, however, there are loads of guys who are unsure about their ability to perform in the bedroom. Thankfully, there are a few ways to improve your game, so if you want to turn things around, don’t go anywhere.

Lacking in Passion

One of the things that may be letting you down in the bedroom is your inability to get lost in the moment. If you’re not an emotive person, try opening yourself up so that you can let yourself get lost in the moment. Some of the best sex that you’ll ever have will be during the times in which you bear it all and let loose.

Too Much/Too Little Communication

Communication between lovers is important, but don’t talk too much. Asking if she’s okay after every thrust is bound to turn her off. Instead, have a little confidence in yourself and pay attention to how her body responds to you. There’s nothing wrong with asking what she likes during a session, but don’t rely on that to get her off. To be honest, that’s a topic better saved for when you’re not trying to make her cum all over your Johnson.

Not Enough Foreplay

When it comes to having an amazing time underneath the sheets, it’s not just the main event you should be focused on. Many women are unable to orgasm through penetration alone which is why you need to look into other methods you can use to stimulate her. Why not make her cum before the sex has started? Not only will this make things more enjoyable for her, but it’ll also ease the pressure off you when it comes to performing. However, with all that being said, it doesn’t mean you should use this as an excuse to not make sure she’s having fun whilst you’re humping her like a rabbit.

Unwilling To Experiment

The unwillingness to try new things in the bedroom is one of the biggest sex life killers. For a lot of young couples or those in short-term relationships, sex can be a lot of fun without having to put much effort into it. However, over time, things can become stale if you’re not willing to explore new ideas. These ideas don’t have to be wildly outlandish; they can be as simple as trying new positions and/ or locations. Keeping things fresh in the bedroom is a great way to add longevity to your sex life, especially if you’re involved in something you want to go the distance.

Admitting Your Weakness

Finding the courage to admit that you need improvement is the first step. Most people are too self-obsessed to ever admit that they have room for improvement. If you want to improve your sexual performance, the best thing you can do is learn from your past mistakes. None of us wants to be seen as a disappointing lover because for most of us, sex is a big part of our lives. It’d be nice to know that we were halfway decent at it.

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