Best Oral Sex Practises for Men

Best Oral Sex Practises for Men
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Best Oral Sex Practises for Men

Best Oral Sex Practises for Men

When we think about oral sex, the first thing that tends to come to mind is the image of a guy getting a blowjob; very rarely do people stop to consider that women love to be on the receiving end too. Giving oral sex to a woman is an underappreciated art, one that if you master, you’ll be able to satisfy any woman. When it comes to the best oral sex practices there are many things that need to be addressed, especially if pleasuring a woman is something you take pride in. The ability to give good head to a girl will open up your arsenal of seduction techniques, making you a god in the bedroom.

Going Down on a Woman

When you’re going down on a woman, you have to remember that some girls are shy when it comes to receiving oral sex. If a woman is shy about being on the receiving end, she may ask you to turn the lights of or request that you do it under the covers. Whatever the case may be, you want to do everything you can to make her feel comfortable and desired. Similarly to the giving of anal sex, if she isn’t comfortable, it’ll be very hard for her to enjoy the gift you’re attempting to give.

Women can be very self-conscious, so making eye contact with them whilst giving them head can make them feel awkward. That being said, it’s up to you to figure out what kind of girl you’re dealing with because some girls love making intimate eye contact. Making eye contact with some women will lets them know that you’re the kind of man who knows what he’s doing. Your overt display of confidence will send shivers down her spine as you wow her with your tongue.

The Lead into Good Oral Sex

Giving a girl a massage is a good way to lead into oral sex because it’ll get her feeling relaxed. You want to tease her until she’s begging you to lick her pussy. Although she knows what’s going to happen, she doesn’t know when, so use the element of surprise to your advantage. Run your fingers along the inside of her thighs and kiss them whilst working your way towards her pussy. The slower you go, the stronger the sexual tension will be, so don’t give into the urge of providing her with immediate gratification.

Making Your Way Down South

Once you’re at the opening of her pussy, you can start kissing the outskirts, but don’t move away from caressing her thighs entirely. You can touch her pussy but don’t give her clit the attention it craves, not yet. Sliding your fingers in and out of her whilst rubbing against her pussy can also add to her enjoyment, but don’t feel as though you have to finger bash her. Pay attention to how her body reacts to your movements so that you can act accordingly.

Licking Her Out

Remember, a woman’s clit is very sensitive, so make sure to be gentle with it whilst stimulating her. If it makes things easier, you can place a pillow underneath her bottom to raise her up to your lips; this will allow you to get to every inch of her vagina. At this point, you’re going to want to focus on her clit as if it were your only source of food. Don’t stop licking it until she orgasms and pulls you off her as she’s overwhelmed by the sensations. Licking, sucking, and kissing her clitoris will have her writhing. When giving head to a woman it’s best to take your time. Give her your full attention so that she knows that you’re in moment with her.

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