Best Things to Talk About on a Date

Best Things to Talk About on a Date

So, you’ve done all the groundwork. You’ve been able to make a successful approach either in person or over the internet, and it’s time for your first date. You’ve got your best clothes on and have even found the perfect venue for you and your potential mate to spend the evening in. However, there’s just one problem, what the hell are you going to talk about? For a lot of guys, being able to hold an interesting conversation with a woman is quite a daunting prospect. This is true for guys who are great conversations with those they don’t have a sexual interest in. For some reason, why our emotions are on the table we can fumble over ourselves as we try our best to impress the person we’re with.

Best Things to Talk About on a Date

Getting a Hold of Your Nerves

You may have had the beer goggles or the delete button to hide behind up until now, but now you’re conversing face-to-face, there’s no escape. One of the main culprits that causes you to bite your tongue when you’re on a first date is you desire to impress. The thing is, you’ve already got her interest, seeing as she’s out on the date with you. So in truth, all you have to do is not talk your way out of the pussy, or so they say.

The first thing to remember is that people love to talk about themselves, so make sure that you ask open questions. You can even start off with things like, finding out what her favourite hobbies are, places to visit, dreams of the future, or types of movies she’s into. To keep the conversation going, all you have to do is listen to what she’s saying, so for the minute, you’re going to have to take your eyes off her cleavage. If she says something that triggers a conversational topic in your mind, hold onto it. You can use it later if the conversation starts to slow down, it also lets her know that you were listening to what she was saying. That being said, don’t be afraid of having moments of silence, it’s not going to kill you. The last thing you want to do is force questions, doing so will quickly turn it from a date to an interview-like scenario.

Best Things to Talk About on a Date

Avoid Talking About Yourself Too Much

You may think that you have some interesting anecdotes to tell your date, things that you think will keep the conversation going. However, you’ll find that this can backfire really quickly. Your date may feel as though all you want to do is boast about your accomplishments as you take center stage in your one-person show. If you wind up talking about a subject that your date knows very little about you can make things quite interesting; nonetheless, pay attention to her body language and if you sense that she begins to lost interest, turn the conversation back on her.

Now, even if you do have a lot of interesting things to share about yourself, women much prefer it if you let them discover these things on their own. So, using this blunt example, let’s say you met a girl at your local shopping center and you end up taking her dinner that results in her coming back to your place. When you arrive at your home, that has a Lamborghini parked outside of it (don’t we all wish this was true) that’d be much more impressive to her as opposed to you outright telling her that you have one whilst our on the date. Not only does it showcase that you don’t need to seek validation by using material things, it lets her know that you’re confident in your abilities as well as raising the mystery surrounding your character; women love a mysterious guy.

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