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We’re not afraid to admit that the evil mistresses on our cheap cash cow sex lines terrify us. These vixens are crazy and they’ll do absolutely anything for money. We can’t emphasize enough just how debauched these kinky ladies are; some of the things that they say are probably illegal but we’re too scared to report them. If there’s one thing that these wild bitches love more than causing you pain, it’s taking your hard earned cash. When it comes to stripping you of your money these girls couldn’t care less about your financial situation, even if it means you won’t be able to feed yourself for a month. Our cash cow sex lines could cost you your life savings if you’re not careful because these dominating findoms are ruthless.

Cheap Cash Cow Sex Lines
0909 460 2381
Call cost 65p per minute plus network access charges apply.

Dominating Phone Sex Girls

If you’re not afraid to get pushed around by one of our dominating phone sex girls give us a call, we dare you. These evil chat mistresses don’t know the meaning of compassion so don’t expect them to show any remorse when they’re stripping you of your dignity over the phone. You’ll never find a more debauched, humiliating telephone sex line than this because our kinky mistresses live to make guys like you miserable. They want to see you drown in your sorrows whilst their drain your bank account. If they don’t think that you’ve paid them enough for their time, they’ll serve you a punishment that you’ll never forget. Our financially dominating sluts are not to be played with; once they get their hands on you, you’ll be sorry that you ever called into our cheap cash cow sex lines. These evil mistresses on the phone are vicious; however, if you’re obedient they may just let you slip your aching cock into one of their holes. No phone slut will be able to make you ejaculate harder than our findoms. If you manage to survive a call with our evil mistresses, they’ll be sure to reward you greatly.

Violent Phone Sex Mistress

Get in touch with a violent phone sex mistress today and have your entire world turned upside down. These kinky babes will have you grovelling at their feet in seconds once they answer your call. No matter how strong or dominant you may be, our bossy bitches on the phone will have you eating out of the palm of their hands. They’ll sit on your chest and tell you how worthless you are whilst taking all of your money; they’ll also have no problem pissing & pooing all over you if you don’t give them what they want. Sometimes we wonder if our violent phone sex mistresses are too much for our callers, but were yet to receive a complaint from an unsatisfied customer. Our cheap cash cow sex lines are open all day & night so whenever you want to be owned by a kinky vixen over the phone we’ll be here for you. Don’t be shy when you call this cheap domination sex line because our girls have heard it all. No fantasy that you could ever come up with will shock our depraved whores. We only hope that our naughty girls won’t shatter your mind completely because when it comes to having hardcore sex on the phone, they take things to the extreme.

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