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If you’re not prepared to have all of your money taken out of your bank by a filthy findom, our cheap financial domination chat line isn’t for you. The money hungry vixens on these hardcore, British sex numbers don’t mess around when it comes money. The only thing that these dominating mistresses like more than cold, hard cash is having fantasy phone sex with men who have dirty minds. Our strict babes will take a whopping amount of money out of your account every time you thrust your throbbing cock into their wet slits. Nothing comes for free with our girls; the amount they’ll strip from you whenever they touch your cock is obscene, but they’ll make sure that every single penny you spend is worth it. If you like being bossed around by an overpowering mistress you’re going to have the time of your life on this findom sex line. Our money loving chat girls never smile, at least not until they see the digits in their accounts rise substantially. The more you pay our kinky vixens the more they’ll do for you, so make sure that you have your wallet ready before calling into our cheap financial domination chat lines.

Cheap Financial Domination Chat
0909 460 2381
Call cost 65p per minute plus network access charges apply.

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Money draining phone sex is exactly what it sounds like. On this service, you’ll get your cock seen to by a dominating phone slut as she takes all of your hard earned cash. Our debauched chat girls only want to accomplish 2 things on our findom line; they want empty your balls & bank account in one fell swoop and depending on where you’d like to blow your load will determine just how much our depraved findoms will take from you. Cumming all over their busty chest or pretty faces won’t cost you much, but filling their mouths or pussies may very well bankrupt you. If you want to cream their dirty, smelly arseholes, you better be prepared to give up everything you own.

When you call into our money draining phone sex lines don’t ever think that our strict mistresses will give you what you want as soon as they answer. Our findoms want to milk you for all you’re worth, they don’t want you to leave you with a single penny by the time they’ve made you cum. The moment you get in touch with one of our crazy chat babes she’ll toss you around like a rag doll whilst telling you how worthless you are. She’ll press you against the wall, and if you dare look her in the eye she’ll grab you by the balls and squeeze until you learn your place. Some of our dominating vixens have big, juicy tits but don’t ever think about copping a feel unless they give you permission.

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Cheap financial domination chat is extremely addictive, especially if being owned by a rough babe that doesn’t have any boundaries turns you on. Our cash craving sluts love to push the law to its absolute limit, so if you’re worried that they’ll take things too far you’re be better off using one of our regular hardcore sex lines. Nothing makes the ladies on our findom services angrier than when guys call in but don’t have enough money to make our whores happy. Our mistresses are terrifying on their best days, so if you make the mistake of upsetting them you’ll be sorry. If you’re still reading this and you think you can handle hardcore, depraved fun on the phone, give us a call. Submit yourself to the will of our debauched findoms and see how deep the rabbit hole goes, the rabbit hole being your remaining bank balance.

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