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There aren’t many phone sex lines that’ll allow you to shove your throbbing cock deep into the wet tunnel of a babe who’s going through her monthly cycle. However, on our cheap period play adult chat line you can do just that, and much, much more. The sky is the limit when it comes to having obscene sex on the phone with horny sluts whilst they’re on their period. Most people shy away from engaging in any form of sexual activity during this time, but the girls on our hardcore menstruation phone sex lines love it. The depraved ladies on our shag numbers like to watch your blood-soaked cock thrust in and out of their bleeding pussies; this is why they’re so obsessed with our period play phone sex lines. Before we started this chat line we didn’t know that so many people had a blood fetish, however, the popularity of our menstruation chat lines has proved us wrong. The girls on our kinky lines have told us countless, real-life stories about how they’ve had men cum inside of them whilst they’re bleeding. They do this so they can watch as a pink, cream-like stew oozes out of their love tunnels. If you think you’re kinky, just wait until you get a load of our taboo loving chat sluts.

Cheap Period Adult Chat
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Menstruation Phone Sex

On our cheap menstruation phone sex lines you can take things to the next level. Shove your dick into the brown arse hole of a dirty babe and finger bash her bleeding love holes. As she soaks your finger in a glorious red you can either lick it off or slide your blood coated finger into her mouth so that she can get a taste of her own cycle. Challenge our kinky chat girls by thinking up the most obscene, sexual fantasy you can imagine, we guarantee you that our babes won’t run away. Our bleeding chat girls will meet your challenge head on, and will push it even further if they think that you can handle it. If you have a fetish for period blood you’re going to have a wild ride on our 45p menstruation lines. One thing that we’d like you to know is that whenever you call our adult services you’ll never be judged in regards to what your sexual requests are. At Netchix we appreciate that we all have kinks and fetishes, which is why we do what we do. We want to cater to all needs on our shag lines.

Period Blood Eating Phone Sex

If shagging a bleeding slit isn’t enough for you, you can go down on our girls and get a real taste of their red river as it leaks from their love tunnels. If period blood eating phone sex wasn’t a thing before, it is now. Our girls love to have their slits eaten whilst their menstruating. If you think you’re up to the task you should give our depraved chat girls a helping hand. Jerk off over the phone with a real babe whilst you fantasise about licking her bleeding pussy. Listen to her moan & groan over the phone as your lick her blood covered clit. She’ll grab a hold of your head and pull you into her red slit, holding you in place with her thick, firm thighs. By the time you’ve finished feasting on her love hole, your face will be covered in her cycle. If you’re lucky enough, our disgusting chat girls will lick their blood off your face before begging you to shag them in one of their holes. Period blood eating phone sex is as vile as it gets. If you’re calling this shag number the last thing you need to do is hold back when talking to our deviant sluts. Our beauties are here to get dirty; they’re not here for softcore phone sex so if you don’t think you’re ready for our hardcore menstruation line, please, use one of our regular shag lines. You’ve been warned.

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