Do Men Fake Orgasms More Than Women?

Do Men Fake Orgasms More Than Women?

The concept of fake orgasm is more than just a myth but did you know that that applies to men as well as women? Yes, that’s right, women aren’t the only ones to fake an orgasm in the bedroom. Every day more and more men are coming forward telling stories about the times in which they pretended to blow their load.

Do Men Fake Orgasms More Than Women?

How Man Fake Orgasms

For a man to fake an orgasm seems like an impossible feat, right? For a woman, she can simply make all the right sounds and move her body in a way that expresses to her level she’s experiencing a state of ecstasy. If you’ve ever seen the movie, When Harry Met Sally, you’d know what we’re getting at. With all that being said, when men blow their load we expect to see a stream of semen to accompany that moment. Whilst this is true, this can easily be hidden if a guy is using a condom. Provided they remove it and get rid of it quickly, the woman would be none the wiser; unless she checks the condom afterward.

Why Men Fake It In Bed

There are several reasons as to why a man would choose to fake it. Some men have erectile problems which can make it embarrassing for them to admit that there’s a problem. This is more likely to occur if the relationship is new or the guy is nervous about impressing his partner. Another reason for men wanting to fake an orgasm is down to the simple fact that they’re simply not having a good time. It’s also a known fact that after a few romps throughout the night, it takes a man longer and longer to climax. By the fourth session, it’s simply easier to fake it and go to sleep.

Do Men Fake Orgasms More Than Women?

We All Deserve Great Sex

Well all deserve to have really great sex, there’s no need to get into a rut of having to fake orgasms to make your partner feel good. Instead, if something isn’t working for you, be honest and bold about it. Whether you’re enjoying a one-night stand or are in for something that’s a little more long-term, let your playmate know what it is that you like.

Don’t be afraid to educate yourself on the things you can do to spice things up in the bedroom and beyond. Also, we should mention, if you’re unable to cum because you’ve simply had enough sex for the night, speak up. You should never feel compelled to do anything for anyone.

Let’s End Things Here

Whilst we believe that women are much more likely to fake orgasms, the sexual satisfaction of men shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re a woman reading this, opening up a dialogue of communication with your partner, and let him share some truth insights with you. During this time, you can also open up to him and make him aware of some of the things that are lessening your enjoyment. Let’s ease the burden of ‘having to perform’ so that we can make the sexual experience an enjoyable one for everybody.

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