Does Penis Size Matter?

Does Penis Size Matter?

For centuries, guys have been wondering if the size of their penis affected a woman’s enjoyment. The common answer to this question is, ‘it depends on what you do with it’. Although it may be easier for a well-endowed man to reach a woman’s G-spot, if he doesn’t know where it is or how to stimulate it, the size of his manhood really doesn’t matter. The size of a man’s penis will also be made redundant if he’s only interested in self-gratification. It’s quite rare for a woman to climax through penetration alone during sex, regardless of what a man is working with. So, if you want to guarantee the pleasure of the lady you’re sleeping with, you ought to look into other techniques you can use to make her squirm.

Does Penis Size Matter?

Managing The Size Of your Penis

For men who aren’t well-endowed, panicking or worrying about the size of your cock won’t benefit you. Some guys will even resort to using tricks to make their penis look bigger than it actually is, being clean shaven is one of the methods you can use to pull off this illusion. Rather than trying to dupe yourself, if you really want to maximise your penetration levels, why not experiment with different positions?

A position you can try is to have the woman on top. When a woman is on top, she’s the one in control of the angle, speed, and motion, allowing her to grind herself in a way that stimulates her most. To make your cock delve even deeper inside of her, put a pillow underneath your bottom and press against her lower belly. This will make her vagina tighten around your cock, adding the feeling of girth.

Does Penis Size Matter?

Sext Positions You Can Try

You can also try having sex in the doggystyle position. When you’re having sex in doggystyle, you can penetration her quite deeply, your balls will also tap against her clit giving her even more stimulation.

Finally, you can try the V shape position. Have your partner lie on her back with her legs in a V shape over your shoulders. Again, this will allow for deep penetration as her body will be fully open to you.

Does Penis Size Matter?

How Long Should Men Last In Bed?

Somewhat similar the question of, ‘Does penis size matter?’ Men often wonder how long they ought to last in the bedroom. To this, we’d apply the Goldilocks principle; not too short and not too long. We say this because women like to be stimulated for longer than a minute, however, go too long and sex can wind up becoming pretty painful as friction builds up. To prevent this from happening, you should do whatever you can to keep her wet, also, your choice of condoms will play a role.

Whilst size can play a part in how much pleasure a woman will experience during sex, it’s not the be all and end all. Regardless of what you may have seen on Pornhub, the average male penis size falls somewhere around the 5-inch mark. Your best bet is to familiarise yourself with a woman’s body; doing this will give you the best shot of having her scream your name down your ear as you make her cum with your newly honed talents.

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