How Much Do Pornstars Make?

How Much Do Pornstars Make?
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How Much Do Pornstars Make?

How Much Do Pornstars Make?

The want to be a part of the adult entertainment industry is huge these days. Since the stigma for sex outside of marriage has been on the decline, people have been exceedingly free with their sexual wants.

Guys in Porn

Getting paid to have sex with as many gorgeous people as you can stomach seems too good to be true, and that’s without the perks of free clothing, celebrity status and of course the money. However, the reality of the job can prove to be very different once you’re in it. Guys tend to think that they’ll be having tons of fun while having sex with a countless stream of women. The truth is, porn shoots can be long, meaning you may have to maintain an erection for hours, maybe even days. After spending a few months in this career you may find that the thought of sex is no longer as appealing as it once was.

On average, it is estimated that guys will make £350 – £500 per day of shooting. However, the more popular the guy, the more he’ll be able to demand. A well-known performer could earn anywhere from £500 – £700, with the top stars earning £1100. Of course, this isn’t set in stone as performers will strike their own deals with the studios.

Women in Porn

How pornstars make depends on who they are and what scenes they’re filming. With that said, it’s no secret that women make substantially more than men. This isn’t surprising though because it’s the women that a majority of men are tuning in for.

Woman are paid about £600 – £800 for a scene, so not bad for a day’s work. If the shoot involves strictly girl-on-girl they paid is said to be a little less, coming in at around £550. As things become more explicit, such as shoots involve group sex, the performers are paid an additional premium of around £1000 per scene. A top-tiered actress can expect to earn between £1100 – £1600 per scene. Although this may seem like a lot of money, the work can be quite infrequent for women when compared to men.

The Demands of the Industry

Men tend to get more working hours, and it is believed that the top pornstars would be lucky to reach £400,000 a year. There are a lot of demands for both male and female performers. Just like traditional movie star, adult stars have to maintain their physical appeal for a long as possible.

It’s important to note that the top stars in the adult industry will make money outside of filming porn. Many actresses are having sex dolls made in their likeness, as well as having the inner-working of their vaginas used to create fleshlights. Another thing that has been a good source of income boot for pornstars is the sale of used clothing and underwear from their movies.

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