How to Approach Women Without Being Creepy

How to Approach Women Without Being Creepy
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How to Approach Women Without Being Creepy

The Art of Picking Up Girls

Without a doubt, this can be tricky for guys who aren’t used to making the first move. Some guys plan their approach in advance, whereas others stick to a tried and tested formula. However, the best guys are those who can adapt their approach on the fly. To do this, it involves reading a woman’s body language and picking up on any signals of invitation. Sure, you can cold-approach a woman on the street, but keep in mind that not every girl you see is in the mood to be ‘picked-up’. Every woman is an individual, with her own preference regarding the type of men she likes; there’s no way of knowing this in advance, so it’s in your best interest to pick up on the signs women give you whilst you interact with them.

Reading Her Body Language

So, how on earth can you tell what’s going through a woman’s mind? Well, short of having psychic abilities, you need to observe her. You can even make subtle moves to see what her reactions are; depending on how she responds to your advances will give you a hint as to where you stand. For instance, if you move in close and she steps/ leans back, it’s a sign that she’s not yet welcome to invading her personal space. If you take her hand and she pulls away or displays any sign of discomfort, you may be moving a little too fast. Now, with all that being said, she may be into you if she’s:-

  • Checking you out.
  • Maintaining eye contact.
  • Glancing at your lips.
  • Playing with her hair.
  • She isolates the two of you.
  • Finds your jokes funny.
  • Lets you take on the dominant role.
  • Constantly touching you.
  • Validates herself as a potential partner.

Making Your Approach

Never liken a woman to a ‘target’ in your mind because it can give off a strange vibe. Keep a relaxed and pleasant smile on your face as you approach her and make sure that you’re standing upright. You want to display confidence, confidence is one of the most attractive traits that women find in men. Let go of your fear of rejection, if it helps, you can even ‘hope’ to be rejected, turn it into a game you play with yourself. If you’re out with a friend, maybe you can play it together. You’ll be surprised by the success you’ll have when you’re not trying so hard.

Speak to her in a friendly, confident, and non-judgemental manner. Unless it’s within your persona and you can pull it off, don’t try and discuss heavy topics like religion or politics. What you want to do is keep the conversation light, and if you can, keep her talking about yourself. People love the sound of their own voice, so your job is to give her a reason to keep on talking. During your interaction, you want to make sure that there’s sexual chemistry, the last thing you want is to find yourself in the dreaded friendzone. Making your intentions known is extremely important, whether you do this directly or indirectly depends on your style of ‘game’. Nonetheless, no matter how you decide to go about it, do so with confidence and in an unapologetic manner.

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