How to Avoid Having A Sexless Marriage

How to Avoid Having A Sexless Marriage

There have been many times in which one of our chat girls has been told by a caller that he’s living in a sexless marriage/relationship. Very often, the caller will sound bewildered by the fact that his partner has turned cold on him. The guy will blame his woman without considering the possible reasons behind the downturn in his sexual fortune. We’re not saying that he’s to blame, but maybe there was something he could have done to turn the heat back on in his relationship.

Those who find themselves in a sexless marriage may not realize right away, especially if it’s something that developed over time. Whenever something like this occurs, relationship experts would suggest that you open up a line of communication to find out what’s wrong. However, women are notorious for denying that there’s anything and expect the guy to just get it.

How to Avoid Having A Sexless Marriage

Once You Know Something’s Up, What’s Your Next Step?

When your partner is resistant to the idea of clearing the air in an honest manner, the best thing to do is drop it. Stropping and sulking can be intimidating or off-putting to a woman, which certainly isn’t going to lead to you getting your cock wet anytime soon. Patience is key, as badgering makes women angry, as well make you come off as being desperate and hopeless—not exactly sexy traits. Begging for sex is beneath you, in fact, it’s better if you act as if it’s not a big deal at all.

What we’d recommend you do is pick up a new hobby and spend more time outside of the house. Going to the gym a great way to not only release some stress but get yourself in shape. The fact that you’re working on yourself may cause your partner to wonder what’s going on. A woman’s imagination can be a powerful thing; if she starts to notice that other women are begging to start at you, you’ll probably notice that things in the bedroom start to heat up again. However, don’t explain why it is you’re working out because it’ll ruin the mystery.

How to Avoid Having A Sexless Marriage

What Makes A Woman Turn Down Sex At Night?

One of the biggest causes of a sexless marriage is stress and the tasks that come with family life. The loss of attraction also plays a role, as well as a decreasing sex drive amongst the man/ woman. Did you know that a gay male couple has sex on a more regular basis than a heterosexual couple? The coupling that has the least amount of sex is that of a girl-on-girl relationship. There’s even a term to describe the lack of sex that takes place within a lesbian relationship and it‘s called ‘Lesbian Bed Death’.

Stale Sex Techniques

Like anything else in life, with time, things start to lose their novelty. If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time maybe you need to switch things up a little. It won’t be easy to get things going again, especially if you’ve been living in a sexless marriage for quite some time, but it is possible. That being said, you may have to accept that the sex drive of your partner is just not what it used to be; thankfully though, you have our chat lines to keep you entertained.

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