How to Turn a Woman on Over the Phone

How to Turn a Woman on Over the Phone
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How to Turn a Woman on Over the Phone

How to Turn a Woman on Over the Phone

When it comes to having sexy fun at a distance, there are many ways to get a woman’s juices flowing. In actuality, women aren’t that different from men when it comes to sex. Just like you, they have urges, fantasies, and desires they want to explore. We may be living in a society that still demonises a woman’s sexual cravings, but believe us when we say, girls want to get their freak on too. As with all people, a woman’s level of imagination will vary from one person to the next. You’ll meet women who are happy with having plain old vanilla sex, but you’ll also meet girls who want to explore taboo fantasies and fetishes. Ultimately, if you find someone who’s like-minded and looking for fun, you’re bound to meet up with someone special.

There’s No Replacement for Confidence

If you want to turn a woman on during a session of phone sex, all you have to do is tell them about the things you want to do to them. Contrary to what you may believe, women love hearing about how you’ll kiss and caress every inch of their body. If you’re unapologetic about the kinky things you have in mind it’ll go a long way when it comes to making a woman crave your sexual attention. The type of sex you have on the phone will also vary depending upon the age of the woman you’re speaking with. Younger girls don’t have as much experience as older women, but if you’ve got an adventurous girl on your hands, chances are, she’ll be willing to learn everything you have to teach her.

A younger woman will also have a lot of stamina and a deep seeded eagerness to explore new things. Knowing that a man is getting excited by the sound of their voice will excite most women because it lets their imagination run wild. Even the shyest girl is carefree when it comes to phone sex if she’s turned on. Modest and shy girls will show you a side of them that you never expected to see once they get all hot and bothered. If you’re having phone sex with a girl you met at work or from your social circle, they’ll happily share with you the depravity that runs through their mind; you’ve just got to know which buttons to press.

How to Get Along With Experienced Women

If you are looking to have fun on the phone with an older woman, you may have to take your time. We say this because older, more experienced women like the savour the moment and are in less of a hurry to get their rocks off. Unlike young girls who are new to sex, mature women know how to take their time and like to enjoy themselves for as long as possible. If you’re new to having sex on the phone, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to speak with a more seasoned lady. By doing so, you’ll be able to pick up tons of tricks that you can show off to the younger girls.

Although most men tend to think of women as delicate little flowers, you’ll quickly see that women come into their own once they’re in the mood for a bit of naughty fun. Even the most innocent girls will become total deviants for the right guy. If you want to be that guy, make sure that you’re paying close attention to the needs of your lover and don’t be afraid to push boundaries in the bedroom. Learn to surprise your partner(s) every once in a while, not only will this stop her from getting bored, it’ll also allow you to have a world of fun.

Sit Tight, The Girl Of Your Dreams Is On Her Way...

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