Is It Wrong to Pay for Sex?

Is It Wrong to Pay for Sex?
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Is It Wrong to Pay for Sex?

Is It Wrong to Pay for Sex?

When it comes to paying for sex people often wonder what the moral complications are. Whether or not sex should be commercialised on a grand scale is a complicated issue, one that likely has many pros and cons. That being said, as things currently stand, provided it’s legal where you are and the women are doing so of their own free will, we don’t see what the harm is. However, some would argue that prostitution is what allows women to be seen as nothing more than sex objects. On the flip side of that though, many would say that it should be up to the individual to do as they please with their body.

Why Some Men Pay for Sex

If someone is single and is in need of affection, it should be up to them how they spend their money. For some people, they’re unable to get sexual attention from women, for whatever reason, so having an outlet may do them some good. That being said, not every man who pays for sex does so because he’s unable to get laid, it may be because he’s too busy. There are plenty of guys out there who don’t want to have long-term relationships of spend time getting to know someone. For these men, paying for sex is a quick and easy way to keep a lid on their sexual desires.

Men also pay for sex they can try new things, things they may find awkward to suggest trying with a casual partner. For example, if you are bi-curious, you may want to try same-sex intercourse before making any long-term decisions.

How Often Do Men Pay for Sex?

Paying for sex is more common in today’s world than at any other time in history. Many holiday destinations thrive on a sex tourism industry. When you pay for sex, you’re dealing with a professional who’ll be very good at what they do, as well as be safe and discreet about their clients. In Amsterdam, prostitutes are licensed and checked for STIs on a regular basis. Some say that it’s safer to have sex with a prostitute because prostitutes are under no illusion about the risks that come with sex. You’ll often notice that a lot of people love under the fantasy of, ‘It’ll never happen to me,’ which is why STI’s are so prevalent today.

The Safety of Women

The main cause for concern when it comes to prostitution is in regard to the safety of women. Would women be safer if this industry was regulated? In our opinion, we believe so. Hopefully, by legalising prostitution you’d be destroying the need for a black market. With the destruction of the black market/sex trade the need for trafficking can be done away with. That being said, things probably wouldn’t go as smoothly as we think.

Beyond the physical risks that threaten women, what about the mental ones. It is believed that women may suffer from psychological damage if they stay in this line of work for too long. However, is that damage due to the nature of the job or is it because of external factors that are influenced by the black market?

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