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Sarah, Pin Number: 1244

Hi, I’m Sarah, a 5ft 6, caring girl with long brown hair, hazel coloured eyes, and skin that’ll make you want to spunk all over it. My skin is pretty flawless, so I don’t even have to wear makeup in order to look my best. I’m a receptionist at a vet and I choose this job because I love animals but I don’t know if I would have the stomach to treat them. That being said, I’d like become a veterinary nurse one day and I’ve been lucky enough to have a course paid for me by my employer. One day I’d love to open up a place of my own but that’s a dream for the distant future.

Outside of work and college I enjoy meeting up with friends at restaurants. Most meals that I enjoy are accompanied by a bottle of wine, what can I say? I love the stuff. I enjoy hanging out with my girls and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. I also have hobbies that I like to indulge in every so often. At the moment I’m very caught up in the world of yoga and it has turned me into a flexible little minx. You’d be super-impressed if you were able to see some of the positions I’m able to get myself into. Being nimble has made my sex life more interesting than ever, if you’d like to know what kinky tricks I have up my sleeve you’ll have to give me a call. I can’t wait to have you talk dirty to me over the phone.

Name: Sarah

Pin Number: 1244

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