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Cindy, Pin Number: 1678

Hello, I’m Cindy. I love spending time in the countryside because I love getting a clear view of nature. I’m living in a cottage at the moment, quite an old one too. I spend a lot of my time looking after it, I’m a bit of a neat freak I guess haha. I worry when I’m on my own sometimes because my friends believe that my house is haunted. It’d be nice if someone like you would come and protect me haha.

Most people would describe me as an attractive blonde because I take pride in my appearance at all times. I’m a lover of dogs as I find them to be amazing company when I’m off on my daily walks. My oh my do I love to dance, I even take Latin dance lessons. I bet you’d love to see me shake my ass the dance floor? Maybe you’ll get lucky one day. I’d love to learn a bit about you, and don’t be afraid to tell me your secrets either? If you do, I’ll tell you some of mine. My secrets are absolutely filthy, so your cock will probably get hard before I’m halfway through telling you one. Don’t worry though, I won’t let you hang up until I’ve made you spunk all over me.

Name: Cindy

Pin Number: 1678

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