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Gizella, Pin Number: 2226

Hi there. My name is Gizella, I know it’s a bit of an unusual name but I love it; people are always asking me how to spell or pronounce it and it makes me laugh when they struggle to say it for the first time. I’m in my early 20s and I’m a fun-loving girl who’s always looking for a guy to turn my world upside down whenever I need a release. When I’m not on the hunt for kinky, hot, intense sex, I tend to focus on my studies. I’m studying history at the moment and one day I hope to become a lecturer at a university.

I like to keep fit and I try to party whenever I’m not being drowned in a sea of homework. When it comes to food, Italian has to be my favourite; I’m always out dining with my girls as there’s nothing quite like a hot meal after a long day. If you’ve had a tough time lately, why don’t you let me take care of you? I may be a young lass but I know how to use my body to satisfy you in ways that’ll leave you weak at the knees. My young, nimble body is yours to play with if you give me a call; I’m sure we’ll get along fine when your dick is inside me. xxx

Name: Gizella

Pin Number: 2226

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