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Chantelle, Pin Number: 2227

Hi. My name is Chantelle. I’m 30 years old and one of my favourite things to do when I’m off work is come online and talk dirty to freaky guys. I work at my local hospital as a nurse and I love what I do very much. I’ve met loads of people over the years and I wouldn’t trade a single memory that I’ve made with them. I keep my friends and family close at all times, working at a hospital has made me realise how important these relationships are. Well, that’s enough about my job, you probably want to know more about how I look.

I’m a size 10 and it’s not easy for me to stay this small since I love food so much. I love to let my hair down on a girls’ night out and there’s nothing that can keep me away from the dance floor once I’ve had a few drinks. I’ve had some really messy nights in my time, I’ve even woken up in places in which with no idea of how I got there. If I’m not in the mood to party you’ll find me at home playing with my dogs, reading a book, or having naughty fun on the phone. I like to talk dirty. For me, phone sex is a great way to let off steam and explore some of the twisted fantasies that run through my mind. I’m adventurous in the bedroom and there are some things I’d like to treat your cock to, if you’ll have me that is.

Name: Chantelle

Pin Number: 2227

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