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Vickie, Pin Number: 2821

It’s nice to meet you gentlemen. My name is Vickie and I work as a promoter. I really enjoy what I do as it allows me to meet loads of interesting people. I’ve been told that I can be pretty funny which is a great trait to have in my line of work. I ‘m able to make people feel at ease which is why my friends and family are comfortable when it comes to telling me stuff. I’m sure that you’d like to tell me stuff too, especially the kinky stuff you don’t want the rest of the world to know about. My soothing voice will make your cock stiffen in your pants and when I start to tell you about my sexual fantasies you won’t be able to restrain yourself.

I love bringing men back to my place. I have a beautiful view of the river from my home which is quite relaxing to look at after a heavy fucking session. In fact, there’s a marina near to where I live. Sometimes, me and a few of my friends like to rent a boat and go on wild adventures, some of these girls are even naughtier than I am, and that’s saying something! Why don’t you give me a call and tell me a little bit about yourself? There’s much more that I’d like to tell you and I’m sure you won’t object to me telling you about the things I have in mind for you and your throbbing dick.

Name: Vickie

Pin Number: 2821

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