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Veronica, Pin Number: 3033

Hello there. I’m Veronica but my friends call me Ronnie, you can too, if you make me like you that is lol. I’m here because I’m looking for someone to speak with. I’m single and life can get a little lonely at times, so I’m always appreciative of a man’s company. My hair is blonde and I have blue eyes that’ll you’ll get lost in when I’m on top of you, well, at least that’s what I’ve been told in the past lol. I love to eat and chocolate cake is my weakness, I can’t live without it. Because of my eating habits though I have to go to the gym every day just to stay in shape.

I’d like to get to know the handsome fella who is reading my profile right now. Let’s enjoy each other’s company, I may even tell you a few secrets about me that nobody else knows. Once you get me to open up I’m quite friendly and a pleasure to be around, in many ways. If you want to find out more about this quirky lady, give me a call. I’m up for anything you are, trust me xx.

Name: Veronica

Pin Number: 3033

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