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Sadine, Pin Number: 3431

Hello. My name is Sadine, and I’m probably one of the tiniest women you will ever meet seeing as I’m only 5ft 1. You could probably carry me in your arms like a baby if you wanted to lol. It doesn’t help that my feet are only a size three too; I really am as small as they come. That being said, I’m a fit lady and enjoy being healthy. I like to go for a run whenever I can and I’m always pushing myself to get stronger and faster. I may be a girly girl at times but I’ve never been one to shy away from a little sweat. That being said, if I am to get a little sweaty I’d rather do so in the company of hunky guy.

I love to cook and I’m quite an outgoing person as I love being surrounded by people. I’m also getting into alternative medicine which I’ve found to be quite interesting and helpful. I even know a few breathing exercises that we could do together if you’re up for it. I’m wanting to speak with a guy that knows what he wants and enjoys having a little dirty conversation over the phone. It gets me wet when a guy talks smut to me, especially if he’s unapologetic about it hehe. If you fancy having chat and getting to know me, give me a call, I’ll be waiting. xxx

Name: Sadine

Pin Number: 3431

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