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Holly, Pin Number: 3580

Hi. You’ve reached Holly. I’m a tiny lady at only 5ft 2. I’m a girly girl at times as I love to take care of myself. Keeping my figure in check and maintaining my beautiful nails is something I take a lot of pride in lol. Despite what you might think of me so far, I’m quite the thrill seeker as I am no stranger to a bit of jet skiing when the weather is nice.

Beach holidays have always been a must for me, but now, I’m trying to experience new things, even if that means going to cooler destinations; maybe you can keep me warm? If you have any good travelling advice I’d love to hear it, better yet, maybe you can come with me? My very own travel buddy who can double as my best friend with benefits hehe. Give me a call and let’s get to know each other, who knows where our conversation will lead?

Name: Holly

Pin Number: 3580

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