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Ann, Pin Number: 3614

Everyone calls me Annie but my real name is Ann, I much prefer Annie though. The name Annie makes me come across like a playful girl, which I am. I’m from the Lake District and although I don’t live there any more I like to visit my friends and family whenever I can. The scenery is gorgeous and I’ve enjoyed a few romantic rendezvous in my time. Having sex under the stars is amazing, a girl couldn’t ask for a better experience… or could she?

I’m quite an active person, so I’m always outside looking for my next adventure, maybe you can accompany me one of these days. There’s no telling as to what we could get up to, especially if the weather is nice. If you fancy having a chat with me, give me a call. I’d love to show you around and treat you to a world of sexual pleasures that’ll have your head spinning for days hehe.

Name: Ann

Pin Number: 3614

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