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Francis, Pin Number: 4329

Hi! My name is a Francis. I’m a slim hotty and I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I’m pretty bossy. At the moment I live alone in the countryside. I have a wonderful view from my home and I love to go for long walks, who knows what’ll happen on my journeys!?! I wouldn’t say that I’m a lover of the gym, but I do like to keep myself fit, though, I will say that nothing beats a good run on the treadmill. If you ever want to treat me, a soft, gooey, sticky pudding will get you into my good books for sure. People say that I’m quite adventurous because I’m always up for giving things a shot, if only you knew how much trouble that has got me into in the past.

Speaking of trouble, I worked as a model for about two years, so don’t be alarmed if you see a few raunchy pictures of me on the net lol. I love to wear all sorts of outfits, most of which I buy when I’m out shopping with my girls; who doesn’t love tight fitting clothes? On the weekends you’ll probably find me at a carboot sale or an auction, what can I say? I love to buy priceless little treasures. You might find it interesting that I’m no stranger to making my own wine too which I love to drink whilst I relax with a good bloke, I mean book lol. Maybe one of these days you can sample one of my chocolate Vodkas.

I’m no stranger to travelling. I’ve been to Egypt/ Morocco, in fact, they’re my two most favourite places in the world. I can’t tell you how much fun I had in some of those alleyways hehe. Well, that’s about it from me, I’d like to get to know more about you.

Name: Francis

Pin Number: 4329

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