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Louise, Pin Number: 4472

Hi. I’m Louise and I live in London. I’m 25 and I’m always on the go, especially if there’s a party on the horizon. I work as an events girl, so I’m always getting VIP tickets to the biggest and best events in the country; honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better life. My girls are very important to me and I love hanging out with them whenever I need to blow off some steam. They’re always there for me no matter what! Even If I settle down one day I’ll always make time for my friends.

Settling down is not on the cards for me right now; I’m having way too much fun living life the way I want. I love to swim and I do gymnastics, so you can imagine how amazing I am in the sack. No energy is ever spared with me and I’ll ride your hardened cock until your balls don’t have enough strength to fill me up. Guys tend to think they can handle sex with me because in their eyes I’m still just a young girl; but once I get going I turn the tables on them leaving them in a state of shock because of the experience they had with me. Do you want to try shagging me over the phone? If you’re up for the challenge, give me a call, it’ll be fun.

Name: Louise

Pin Number: 4472

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