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Lucy, Pin Number: 5397

Hey guys. I’m Lucy, I’m a 30-year-old redhead from Yorkshire. I love spending time with my family down at my local pub, in fact, we go there so often that everyone recognises us. This can be very embarrassing when people recognise me from messy nights out; I just hope that my family never finds out about how much of a minx I can be.

When I’m not with my family I love to hang out with my girls, we get up to all sorts of things. Whenever we go out I’m always the life and soul of the party. Unfortunately, there is a boring side to my life which mostly consist of work. I’m a manager at a call centre at the moment; I love my team but there are days in which work can be a total drag. I wish working at a call centre was more like working on this sex line, that’d be way more fun!

I’m in a dirty mood right now, so if you want to cum and play with me, give me a call. I can be really flirty once my juices start flowing and my pussy gets super-wet when I know I’m about to get shagged. If you’re looking for a good time with a real party girl we’ll be a match made in heaven!

Name: Lucy

Pin Number: 5397

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