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Annabella, Pin Number: 5677

Hi guys, I’m Annabella, which is French for beautiful (if you were interested). I’m an outgoing girl that’s doing all she can to live her best life. Not long ago I qualified to be a nurse. I choose this career path because I love being there for those in need, I’ll always do what I can to ease the pain of other people. When I’m not at work though, I can be quite reckless, especially if I’m out and about with my friends as we like to get up to no good.

Whenever I’m not in the company of my girIs’ tend to feel a bit lonely which is partly why I’m here. I love getting attention from guys, I mean, what girl doesn’t? I’d like to speak with someone who isn’t afraid to tell me what he wants. You don’t have to treat me like a delicate flower, unless that’s what you want to do. If you want, you can treat me like your personal plaything hehe. As I said earlier, I’m quite adventurous when I’m not at work and I’m hoping to share my wild side with someone who is just as naughty as I am.

Name: Annabella

Pin Number: 5677

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