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Christina, Pin Number: 6262

Hello. I’m Christina, your personal playmate who loves to party and enjoy life. I have long brown hair, green eyes, and a smile that’ll make your cock hard haha. I’m naturally tanned and I like to keep my skin looking as brown as possible, so I’m no stranger to the tanning salon. At the moment I’m single which means I’m free to do as I please, with whom I please. I’m not afraid to explore my sexual nature, as a matter of fact, I’ve been known to bring out the inner-deviant of the guys I’ve been with.

I’m a mature student that’s studying to become a nurse. I’m having so much fun at university right now that I wish I could live like this forever! There are so many hot guys around, sometimes I find myself getting wet when I’m in the middle of a lecture. Outside of the classroom, I like horse riding, swimming, watching movies, and cooking, though, I’m not very good at that last one. However, if you give me a call today I’ll whip you up something special and you can eat right off my naked body. Does that sound like a lot of fun?

Name: Christina

Pin Number: 6262

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