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Ekka, Pin Number: 6549

Hi guys! I’m Ekka, I know I know, my name’s a little weird. My mum was born in Finland and wanted to give me a name that honoured her heritage. I’m 38-years-old and I’m looking to have a good time with like-minded men. I’m quite a courageous woman that’s not afraid to go after the things she wants. I’m very feminine which seems to be a rare thing these days, so hopefully, I’ll be a breath of fresh air for you. I like to look good for my man so I take good care of myself, you’ll always find me down at the gym working my butt off.

I work as a hotel receptionist and although things can be quiet during the day, at night, I’ve seen things that most people have only ever seen in an adult movie. I’m a very curious lady, so on occasion, I’ve even joined in on some of the fun that customers have had… oops. There are a lot of things on my bucket list that I’d like to tick off, hopefully, I’ll be able to get around to all of them. I’d like to go sky diving and deep sea scuba diving, I think it’d be such an awesome experience. I also want to visit Africa so that I can go to the Safari and see the wild animals.

I’m an adventurous woman with a lot of things I’d like to do. If you give me a call today I’ll tell you about some of the more sexual things that I have on my bucket list. Some of my fantasies may come across as quite vanilla to you, but others are downright filthy, I don’t even know if they’re legal. Call me now and let me be your virtual girlfriend for a night, I’m in a bit of a kinky mood!

Name: Ekka

Pin Number: 6549

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