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Lucy, Pin Number: 8061

I’m a petite lady coming it at only 5ft 7. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and like to think of myself as an outgoing person. I think that life is too short not to have fun, so I’m happy that my girls are able to help keep my sense of adventure alive. Me and my friends are always getting up to crazy things, so who knows what kind of trouble you and me could get up to? I love to travel, but working as a secretary doesn’t give me much time off; however, I work in an all-male space which I love, especially when the office parties roll around.

Whenever I’m at home I like to be comfortable as I like going out and doing things with my dogs. I love my dogs and enjoy spending time with them. On the weekends you’ll find me in Birmingham getting up to no good on Broadstreet, wouldn’t it be funny if we met on a night out and didn’t know it? I’m here because lately, me and my girls haven’t been out much, so I was wondering if there was a guy out there who could make my nights a little more interesting. I like to get up to all kinds of things, especially in the bedroom. Give me a call and tell me what you like, I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out. xx

Name: Lucy

Pin Number: 8061

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