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Shakira, Pin Number: 8576

Hi. My name is Shakira. I live in the UK but that wasn’t always the case. I’m originally from Malta but have been living here for about five years, and to be honest, I’m quite liking it. I’m a tall lady which means I have long, slender legs that you’d probably like to lick up and down. My legs tend to get a lot of attention from guys, that’s probably the reason I like them so much. My skinned is naturally tanned and I have chocolately brown eyes and hair. I guess you could describe my features as being exotic. I’m quite small in the waist, I’m only a size 10 but I do work hard to stay in shape which isn’t easy. I’m often out and about belly dancing or doing aerobics which can be very tiring.

I’m quite an active person and like to push myself. I’m studying Law and Physics at the moment, so you can imagine that it can be quite difficult for me sometimes. When I’m stressed out I like to come online and speak to guys who can relax me. I’m up for talking about whatever is on your mind as long as it takes me away from dealing with my stresses. I found that sex is a great way to ease tension, so why don’t you give me a call and pound me over the phone? I’m stressed out and my pussy could do with a good pounding.

Name: Shakira

Pin Number: 8576

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