Sex Club Rules in the UK

How to Control Your Jealousy
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How to Control Your Jealousy

Sex Club Rules in the UK

Swingers are getting it on in sex clubs all over the country. For the most part, these venues welcome all newcomers and love to sample new talent. However, if you’re a single guy you can expect to pay more for things like club entry and membership. As you can imagine, sex clubs have more than enough single men trying to get inside, and the promoters have to do their best to ensure the ratio of men to women never becomes too much.


Some clubs insist that you purchase a membership before attending. This is done for many reasons, one which is to limit the number of attendees (mainly single men) and second to ensure the safety of the already participating members. Gawping (which is to stare in a rude manner) is frowned upon, but honest voyeurism is encouraged in these venues, which takes us to the subject of permission, but more on that later. Some clubs advertise for extra men to attend their evens to service the randy female members. Some venues do this because on occasion, some of the single males than attend these club nights are known to cause trouble for single women and couples.


Nobody wants to have sex with a pongy person, so cleanliness is a must. The cleaner and sweeter your penis, the more people will want to rub it and suck it. It’s a given that if you’re someone that is active on the swingers scene, you ought to get yourself checked out on a regular basis. Not that you don’t already know this, but please, strap your junk before you engage in any sort of play.

Drinks and Snacks

Alcoholic drinks may be included in the ticket price if the venue has a licence. However, it’s quite common for people to have to bring their own drinks to a venue that wish to attend.

Enjoying a “Scene”

When two or more people are indulging in a sexual act, it’s known as a “scene” and is exclusive to those individuals only. Nobody else is allowed to join in unless they get the permission of the participants. Voyeurism is encouraged don’t get too close to the action as it could cause people to freak out, and quite frankly, it’s a bit weird. Always be polite and don’t jump the gun in assuming that your advances will always be welcomed just because you’re in a sex club. If you act irresponsibly, you may be banned from future events and have your membership canceled.

The Dress Code

Scantily clad women are quite common; there are even many venues that encourage people to walk around naked, but this very rarely a requirement. As you can imagine, as the night goes one, items of clothing will start to disappear until you’re left with nothing but your locker key and towel.

Partners and Consent

Swinging is not for the faint hearted or possessive. It’s for open-minded and horny people who have a need to fulfil their sexual fantasies. Watching your partner getting ploughed by other men is very arousing for some man, however, we don’t believe that this is true for the majority. It’s important that you know what you’re getting yourself into before you take a deep dive into this depraved world.

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