Sexy Things You Should Try In 2019

Sexy Things You Should Try In 2019

Well, we’re well into the new year now, have you managed to cross anything of your sexual bucket list? We all have fantasies that we’d like to explore but often find ourselves putting them off indefinitely. One of the best things you can when it comes to fulfilling a new year’s resolution is to set a date. That fantasy you’ve had that’s taking up residence in the back of your mind, it’s about time that you did something about it. However, there’s a lot for you to experience in 2019, so let us give you a few kinky ideas to experiment with

Sexy Things You Should Try In 2019

Visit A Sex Club

This is probably more suited towards the single guys out there; with that said, it’s very possible that even those in relation could convince their partners to check out a local swingers bar. Not only are sex club great if you want to have fun with a lot of people in a sage environment, they’re perfect for those who are into things like BDSM. At these clubs, you can play with like-minded people who won’t judge you for the twisted fantasies that you have. Maybe you don’t want to get involved in the naughty action, that’s fine too. There are loads of people that attend sex clubs simply to watch others have a fumble, it’s a step up from watching porn on your computer monitor.

Experimenting With Public Sex

If you’ve never had sex in the great outdoors, you’re missing out. Having sex in the wild is a titilating experience that’ll bring out the inner beast that’s lying dormant within you. You don’t have to go to your local park and have sex on the swings, maybe you can go to a field that’s far away from anything if you’re worried about getting caught. You can also find a nice quiet car park in order to get your freak on. If you want to take things a step further, why not give the world of dogging a look into?

Sexy Things You Should Try In 2019

Call into A Phone Sex Line

If you’re feeling horny and don’t have someone to help you release, why not call into a phone sex line. Sex lines are very cheap today, so you can have as much fun as you want with real girls, girls who are dirtier that you’d ever thought possible. Using a sex line will also help you improve your dirty talking game if that’s something that concerns you.

Take Up A Salsa Class

Salsa is one of the sexiest dances that you ever hope to learn. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, if you want to raise the sexual tension between you and the girl you desire, this is it. A salsa class will also give you a space in which you can meet new people, so you have nothing to lose. Most classes only cost a few quid, so we very much doubt that they’ll put you out of pocket. Once you get good at it, you can use Salsa as a form of foreplay, by the time you and your partner get home you’ll be dying to tear the clothes of each other’s backs.

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