Should Men Pay on the First Date?

Should Men Pay on the First Date?
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Should Men Pay on the First Date?

Should Men Pay on the First Date?

With many relationships starting via internet dating sites, the way in which a first date occurs has massively changed. Although it’s still the case that the guy would send the first message/make the approach, the idea of who should pay for dinner is a question that is asked by many. With feminists constantly saying that men and women are the same and should be treated as such, when it comes to paying for that first date, people seem to get awfully quiet. This is has left many guys wondering if they should still offer to pay since men and women are now seen as the same. Although this isn’t inherently a bad thing, it seems to confuse things when it’s not applied across the board.

One of the problems is that there exist both traditional and non-traditional women in today’s world. The traditional girls want things to remain as they are, whereas the non-traditional women think that things should be changed. The thing is, how is a guy supposed to know what kind of woman he is out on a date with? If he offers to pay, the girl could be offended, if he doesn’t offer to be, she may think of him as ungentlemen-like. Of course, he could just ask, but nothing kills the atmosphere more than a guy asking to split the bill.

Getting into Debt to Impress Your Date

Every guy wants to win favour with his date in the hope of getting her into bed. Maybe not on the first date, but the whole reason for him wanting to wine and dine her is because he is interested in her sexually. The thing is, is it always necessary to splash the cash and, if so, should he use his credit card or overdraft to impress her? To put things simply, hell no, we believe that your best bet is to keep the first date simple. There’s nothing wrong with going to a coffee shop of to a bar. We say this because not only will you be able to save you money, you’ll also avoid sending out the signal that you need to flaunt material things to validate your self-worth. By spending massive amounts of money on a girl that you’ve just met will make her see you as nothing more than a cash cow, and that’s not what you want.

Dealing With a First Date

Times a have changed from the olden days, so we must prepare to change with them. If you’re out simply looking for sex, there are a variety of mobile apps that can help you do that. Sex isn’t as hard to come by as it once was, so don’t feel as though you need to spend loads of money in order to get lucky. Instead, focus on sparking a natural desire within a woman to want to be with you. Using money to impress her will not get you the raw, passionate, animalistic sex you want. What you might end up with instead is nothing more than a pity fuck, which is the last thing you want.

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