Should You Be Having Morning Sex?

Should You Be Having Morning Sex?

Have you thought about the benefits of morning sex? Sex in the morning can work wonders for your mood, however, sometimes it’s tough to find the time to be intimate. This is doubly true in today’s faced-paced society. Morning sex can be used as a bonding experience between you and your partner, and it can sooth any otherwise frazzled nerves. Morning sex will help you grow closer to your lover as you get to know each other’s wants and needs at various points throughout the day.

If you’re planning on getting freaky first thing in the morning make sure that you’re not just going through the motions. If sex ever starts to feel like a duty, you’ve got problems. However, should this happen, it doesn’t mean that your relationship is over. Talk with your partner and find out how you can spice things up again, it may just be that you’ve grown tired of performing the same old tricks. Sex should be fun and spontaneous, it shouldn’t be dull.

Should You Be Having Morning Sex?

Exploring Your Sexual Nature

Try to make your sex life fresh and interesting by exploring new positions/ scenarios as you let the passion build up between you and your lover. Don’t jump the gun and feel as though you have to work through the whole of the Karma Sutra in a single night. If you’re adding something new to your sex life make sure you delve into it wholeheartedly; never hold anything back.

Sex can be whatever you make it, whenever you have it. Whether you’re into slow, passionate lovemaking, or a rough tumble, there’s plenty to be explored in-between the sheets. Here’s a thought, rather than simply waking up and jumping on top of your lover for a morning session, why not go to a local park? If it’s quiet, there’ll be plenty of things for you to explore in the wild; sex in the outdoors always makes for an amazing experience. Who said that morning sex has to take place in the bedroom?

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