Top 5 Sex Tourism Locations

Top 5 Sex Tourism Locations

There’s no doubt that sex sells; this is true when it comes to the tourism industry too. Many holiday destinations cater to the sex industry with hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting them every year to experience what they have to offer. If you’re a sex tourist it’s important to know what the top locations are to assist you in your choice in picking your perfect destination.


You may have already guessed that Amsterdam would be big player when it comes to sex tourism locations. The Red Light District is where you’ll find girls posing and dancing in a window to attract clients. With the Netherlands being tolerant of the sex industry, the girls are regularly tested and have a licence to sell their bodies for sex. Safe sex is to protect both the customer and the girl; did you know that many people think it’s safer to have sex with a prostitute as opposed to a girl you met at a bar?

Top 5 Sex Tourism Locations


Thailand is also well known for its sex tourism trade. In Thailand, anything goes hat like lady-boys, you’ll never run short of a supply. The ladies are well-known for their petite frames and beauty; however, make sure that that the person you’re dealing with is a woman as the lady-boys can be quite slender too. The sex workers in Thailand are also known to be very flexible, so they can have sex in positions that you have only dreamed of. They‘re very talented and are known as the sexual acrobats of the world. With all that said, prostitution in Thailand is actually illegal; nonetheless, it is believed that it makes the country in upwards of 6 billion per year.

The Philippines

The Philippines are hot on the list for sex tourism. Although illegal, they often masquerade as bar girls. The Philippines are extremely tolerant when it comes to prostitution despite it being illegal. These girls are known for being eager to please and are said to earn their money in many ways. Although payment is made through the giving of tips, it’s also been reported to be very cheap.

Top 5 Sex Tourism Locations


Colombia is another big player with many of the women being described as curvy and beautiful. Colombia is widely known for drugs, put these two things together and you can see why people would want to party there. It’s also believed that the women will lower their prices for men they find attractive; so, if you consider yourself a looker, you may be able to save yourself some cash. If you’re travelling to Colombia in order to get a quick lay, we’d recommend that you stick to the brothels in the d ‘tolerance zones’.


Finally, we have Spain. In Spain, there’s an extremely large sex industry. The majority of these women are from Latin America as opposed to Spain itself. These women are said to be fiery and have accents that’ll drive men wild. In regard to the legalities, there’s no such law addressing prostitution directly; however, things like pimping have been deemed illegal for quite some time. How the public feels about sex work is quite divided, with some thinking that it’s okay, and others believing that it aids in the exploitation of women.

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