What Is Sex Tourism?

What Is Sex Tourism?
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What Is Sex Tourism?

What Is Sex Tourism?

Whether it was via the news or whilst you searched for your next holiday on the internet, you’ve probably come across the term ‘sex tourism’ before. If you’re wondering what sex tourism is, simply put, it means to travel the world in hope of getting sex. Prostitution is legal in some countries, so tourists travel overseas to such places in order to sleep with sex workers without fear of the law. When living in a country in which prostitution is illegal, it can make paying for sex a problem. Another reason one may travel across the ocean for sex is to experiment with things that they’d otherwise be too ashamed to do on home soil. This could be BDSM, group sex, or watersports; sometimes, the lure of trying out such kinky fetishes is the main driver in leading people overseas.

Where to Go for Sex Tourism

Sex tourism in countries such as Thailand and Amsterdam is a massive source of income for the country. If you’ve ever been to these places, you’d probably see that some of the workers are able to make a good living from it too. By making prostitution legal, a government can tax this income, not only that, but better protections are put in place for the workers. Establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and even transport services profit from sex tourism. With sex tourism, there are safeguards put in place against unwanted pregnancies as well as the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. These safeguards mean that tourists can safely experiment to their heart’s content.

Sex tourism isn’t always used to explore depraved fantasies. In fact, many lonely people hire prostitutes so they simple enjoy another person’s company; it’s their choice as to whether or not a sexual encounter will emerge. Having the opportunity to be loved, even if only for a short period of time can enhance a person’s spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Why Men Travel for Sex

One of the biggest reasons for sex tourism is of course, financial. In places like the UK where it’s illegal to pay for sex, it can be expensive to find a prostitute to do the deed with. In turn, this makes the whole experience cost a lot more than it would if it were legalised. The stigma that is attached to sex work also makes it difficult for men who are in need of a release. Paying for sex is regarded as a shameful act in the UK, which of course, may simply be a tactic to prevent men from acquiring sexual release this way. However, in places where sex work isn’t frowned upon, this is less of a cause for concern for guys who pay for pleasure.

Whether or not prostitution will ever be made legal in the UK remains to be seen. That being said, there have been areas within the country in which such a thing has been trialled. One such place could be found in Leeds; the police thought they’d be able to reduce the amount of crime committed as well as keep the women in the industry safe. From what we gather, things didn’t work out as well as originally hoped. Nevertheless, unlike a destination such as Amsterdam, there was never a proper system put in place to see how well such an arrangement could be.

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