What Makes Holiday Sex Hot?

What Makes Holiday Sex Hot?
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What Makes Holiday Sex Hot?

What Makes Holiday Sex Hot?

Whether you are taking a holiday with your life partner or going away with a bunch of friends who are hoping to get lucky, there’s no doubt that holiday sex is much hotter than it is at home.

How the Sun Affects Our Sex Drive

The sun gives us lots of vitamin D and makes our serotonin levels rocket; this means our bodies are much more sensitive to touch. At the same time, our Melatonin levels (sleep hormone) plummet; this increases our energy levels and general sense of wellbeing. With all this taking place in our bodies, it’s no wonder why we start to feel sexy in the sunlight.

Ignoring the scientific aspect of what makes holiday sex appealing, the fact that people wear a lot less clothing on holiday can make horny. Think about it, a woman in a bikini is usually perceived as being a lot sexier than a woman in woolly layers. There’s also the case that our inhibitions are lowered when we’re away from home, making us feel as though we can do whatever we want without consequence.

Holidays are a great place to kick back and relax. We have more time on our hands and no added pressures in the form of work everyday life problems that tend to interrupt our sex lives. This feel-good time makes us want to grab life by the horns and live as if we were always free-spirited individuals. It’s only natural that due to the fact that our mood is better, every good experience we have is perceived to be more amazing than it probably is.

A Place of Escape

Holidays allow us to escape from reality, even if it’s only for a short amount of time. During this time we can finally enjoy all of the long hours we’ve been putting in at the office. The need to feel as though you have to make the most of this short time in paradise is enough to make us do crazy things. The type of sex you have on holiday is probably much different from the type of sex you would have at home. It even stands to reason that the kind of person you sleep with will differ as everything you do is only for the moment. You may not be the kind of person that enjoys having sex in public spaces, but you’re on holiday now, so what’s the harm.

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