Why Foreplay Is Important?

Why Foreplay Is Important?
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Why Foreplay Is Important?

Why Foreplay Is Important?

Foreplay is important for both parties during the lead up to sex. If we look at a heterosexual couple, each gender has different pleasure zones, different drives, and let’s face it, different shapes. Setting aside the practical side of foreplay for the moment, foreplay can itself be a super-fun experience. When people are being intimate with one another, sex isn’t the only thing that they’ll be able to derive pleasure from. Foreplay allows you to explore each other before moving on to the main event. The more that you familiarise yourselves with each other’s body, the more capable you’ll become in regard to satisfying their needs. There are so many ways for you to engage in foreplay, such as via the use of various toys and accessories.

Foreplay for Men

From a male perspective, foreplay can mentally prepare them for what comes next. Some men need this time to compose themselves so they can best please their partner during intercourse. Regular foreplay is also known to help man last longer in bed, it can even be of benefit if he cums before getting to the real sex. By having an ‘early climax’ his nerves will be calmed allowing him to perform for better & longer during the actual sex.

Foreplay for Women

For women, the necessity of foreplay is twofold; foreplay gets her ready emotionally and physically. A woman has natural lubrication that makes intercourse a pleasurable experience, without it, it can be quite uncomfortable. That being said, if you’re both in the mood for a bit of a quickie, there are lubricants you can use to speed things up. As a woman grows older, you may find yourself having to use lube on a more regular basis.

Experimenting With Your Lover

During your foreplay sessions you can share fantasies or desires with your partner to see how they feel about them. Everything isn’t for everyone but even when you have different tastes you can find a happy middle ground if you try. If you aren’t sure as to how you ought to pleasure your partner during foreplay, there are plenty of things you can read online regarding techniques that guarantee pleasure. You may even want to watch the ranger of tutorial videos that are available on websites like Youtube and PornHub.

The Importance of Foreplay

Whether you’re a straight or gay couple, foreplay is an intimate thing. If done right, it can ensure mutual satisfaction for everyone involved. The better the foreplay, the more pleasurable the sex will be, at least that’s our opinion. Think about the starter that you enjoy before moving onto the main course; if it’s a good one, it’ll whet your appetite so that you’re more than ready for what’s about to come your way. Whilst it’s sometimes to jump straight into the sex, foreplay is not something that should be seen as a chore. If you see it this way, you’re probably not doing it right, you owe it o yourself and your partner to make all aspects of your sex life enjoyable.

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