Why Guys Like to Give Girls Facials

Why Guys Like to Give Girls Facials
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Why Guys Like to Give Girls Facials

Why Guys Like to Give Girls Facials

When it comes to sex, we all have our kinks and fetishes. Although people like to put on a conservative act in the street, in the bedroom, things are quite different. Even a sweet-hearted Catholic girl will bring out her wild side for the right guy. A trend that has risen in popularity over the years is the want for men to cum all over a girl’s face. Why is this? Is it because they like to showcase their dominance over a woman, or is there something more to it?

The Influence of Porn

The rise of porn has certainly led to men wanting to experiment with the things they’ve seen online. One of the most common kinks that men like to explore today is the act of anal sex. There was a time in which anal sex was taboo, but in today’s society, experimenting with anal play is the norm. Although anal sex may not be for everybody, most people have given it a go at least once, even if the session didn’t last very long.

Proof of Satisfaction

It’s a widely accepted fact that men are visual creatures. Generally speaking, a guy could see a woman, know nothing about her, yet, wouldn’t bat an eyelid in making her his girlfriend right there and then if he deemed her attractive enough. Sure, women can experience this too; however, it’s often the case that they require a little more convincing than a man’s physical appearance. Did you know that whilst watching porn men pay much more attention to a woman’s face as opposed to anything else?

This is because seeing the arousal in a woman’s facial expressions plays a role in regard to achieving sexual satisfaction. There’s a reason as to why a woman’s moan can speed up the time in which it takes for a guy to cum. Given this fact, you can only imagine the sexual satisfaction a guy gets from seeing his jizz all over the face of his partner as she smiles, signalling her own satisfaction/ approval of him.

A Means of Acceptance

Although many people will think that this is a little too deep, the act of a guy ejaculating on a woman’s face could be a means of him finding acceptance. He may regard it to be a display of his lover’s attraction to him. The fact that a woman is willing to accept his essence in such an overt manner is very validating, much like cumming inside of her vagina or mouth. However, by releasing his semen in such a visual manner adds to the sense of feeling wanted and valued.

For men, being desired by a woman is one of the driving forces in their life, there’s a reason as to why incels are a thing. You’ve got to imagine, throughout their lives, men have been told that their desire for sex is a disgusting thing. So, to find someone who’s willing to accept them in their purest form is not something that should be taken lightly.

An Act of Dominance

An opinion that is held by some women is that men simply want to mark their territory. As we mentioned earlier, it could be that a man wants to give a woman a facial to express his dominance over her.

There are many reasons as to why men enjoy giving women facials, so it’s unjust to say narrow it down to just one thing. In reality, men have different motivations for wanting to carry out this act; much like everything else in life.

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