Why Women Like to Cuddle After Sex

Why Women Like to Cuddle After Sex

Have you ever taken the moment to consider why women like to cuddle after sex? If you’re looking for answers, they’re right in front of you, it’s all about the human condition. Whether you’re long term partners or have just met on a night out, for women, cuddling can vastly improve their mood and provide a feeling of security.

Why Women Like to Cuddle After Sex

The Benefits of a Good Cuddle

Cuddling after sex adds to the intimacy aspect of it all, of course, it helps if there’s an emotional bond shared between the people involved. Cuddling promotes healthy feelings of contentment and reassurance. Being held or holding somebody can help in the development of the growing bond you share. When you’re embraced in one another’s’ arms, you can enter into a state of relaxation whilst feeling physically and emotionally locked into your partner’s wellbeing. Cuddling is a great way to stay warm, especially after sex. Although the body gets very hot during sex, once it’s over, the cooling process can begin.

Being held can be viewed upon as submissive behaviour. Laying in the arms of a man she desires is thought to release similar chemicals to the ones released during sexual intercourse. Women could also use cuddling as a way of initiating round 2 if the first one wasn’t satisfying enough. It could also be that they have a high sex drive so frequently like to enjoy multiple rounds of sex during an evening.

Why Women Like to Cuddle After Sex

‘Post-Nut’ Clarity

Women can also use cuddling to measure what their partners real interest level is in them. It’s widely believed that a man can have sex with any woman if he’s desperate enough; whilst this may be true in some circumstances, a guy will reveal how he truly feels about a woman once he orgasms. This is because his mind will become clear as he’s no longer driven by lust and the need for release. Depending on what his real attraction levell is to a woman, he’d either want to/ won’t mind cuddling her, or he’ll be looking for the nearest exit.

Other Reasons for Cuddling

Whatever the reasons, many women will showcase their affection for their partner through the act of cuddling. Whilst men like to cuddle too, it can take a little more time for a man to get emotionally invested in the woman he’s sleeping with. cuddling isn’t something that only takes place after sex, it can be used when curled up on the sofa watching TV, during a picnic at the park, or enjoying the sun on the beach.

WhilE a woman feels protected as she’s being cuddled, the man is able to take on the role of protector. In today’s society, many people like to pretend that these different wants between man are women don’t exist. Some even go as far as to say that it’s all a social construct, and whilst this may be true to some extent, we have to accept that nature is what nature is. Over time the wants and needs of men and women will evolve, but it doesn’t help anyone when you try to force this evolution along within a single generation or two.

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