Will The i.Con (Smart Condom) Be Mainstream

Will The i.Con (Smart Condom) Be Mainstream

The i.Con condom is being marketed as ‘the world’s first smart condom’. The i.Con is basically a FitBit for your manhood. It’s a ring that fits over a regular condom and can track things such as thrust speed, girth, and how many calories you’ve burned during your sex session. It’s also said to be able to detect some sexually transmitted diseases. It comes in one size only but has a band adjustment feature to enable the wearer to fit it comfortably to their penis size. The ring has a micro-USB charging port which will provide you with between six and eight hours of usage time; the i.Con will also be able to connect to Bluetooth.

Will The i.Con (Smart Condom) Be Mainstream

The i.Con Release Date

The icon condom currently has no actual release date. However, it is believed that it’ll be released sometime in Autumn of 2019. It’s available on pre order but its maker, British condoms, isn’t asking anyone to part with their money until they have a definite release date. It is expected to retail at around £60.

The Purpose Of The i.Con

The i.Con aims to answer any questions you have about sex. However, are these questions that the average person would want to know. Such a device would have the power to make some users feel as though they’re training for a marathon. Other users may feel inadequate and inferior if they feel like they don’t measure up to their peers in regard to their performances. Either way, the i.Con runs the risk of being a passion killer rather than an enhancer. There some questions about sex that may be best left unanswered.

Will The i.Con (Smart Condom) Be Mainstream

The i.Con and Your Data

Questions have been raised about the data privacy of the i. Con. Once the passion is sated, users have the option to upload their data on to their social media profile or share it with their friends. This may not be the type of information that you would want a disgruntled ex to have access to; can you imagine the drama that all of this could start?

The i.Con may find its place amongst the more technical types, but for the average person, it may bee see as more of a gimmick. It remains to be seen whether it will find its way into the mainstream.

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